Made-to-measure & pre-made bags from a reel

The Pattyn bagmaker inserters standard run with made-to-measure bags from a reel, but thanks to a smart innovation based on the same proven technology, the machines are now also able to run with pre-made bags from a reel.

Made-to-measure bags
Continuous tubular gusseted film on a reel
(12kg or 60kg rolls)

Pre-made bags
Pre-sealed and perforated bags on a reel
(12kg rolls)

Tailor-made solutions

According to your needs we offer you a tailor-made solution that makes your life easier. Whether you require a high performance & flexible bag maker inserter running with made-to-measure bags or a convenient bag inserting machine running with pre-made bags from a reel, we have the appropriate solution for you.

According to your required capacity, box specifications and other specific needs we offer the solution that fits you best.

Thanks to the machine flexibility and integration of the same proven technology it’s possible to switch in a later stage from made-to-measure bags to pre-made bags and vice versa.