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Check your box weight

  • Specially designed for bulk bag-in-box applications.
  • Compact solution to check the weight of boxes.
  • Perfect integration into complete Pattyn line, with HMI for easy operation and communication.

Maximize your productivity

  • Standard checkweigher up to 12 c/min.
  • Continuous checkweigher for speeds above 12 c/min.

Technical specifications

Easy to use

  • Weight is checked according to the set limits.
  • Conveyor of the checkweigher stops when the weight is out of the set tolerance. The reject conveyor (optional) rejects the box when the weight is not between the min/max limits. 
  • Thanks to the use of a roll conveyor instead of a belt, the box will be rejected in the same position. 
  • To reach a higher speed, a continuous checkweigher is required. 
​​Modular & hygienic design
  • Easy to integrate in complete line. 
  • Standard stainless steel frame. 
  • Removable conveyor for easy cleaning. 

Standard equipped with colour touch panel for easy operation

Output & Accuracy

  • Standard up to 12 c/min, Continuous CW-11 > 12 c/min.
  • Dynamic accuracy: +/- 20 g for max. 12 c/min



Container specifications (outside dimensions in mm)

  • Min. L.300 x W.200 // D.100
  • Max. L.800 x W.500 // D.650

For other dimensions, please contact us.


  • Reject mechanism