Quality inspection system with 3D vision ArgoCheck-31

Dedicated to the bakery industry

The ArgoCheck from Pattyn Bakery Division is a unique quality control system dedicated to bakery and puff-pastry products. Easy to use and highly flexible, checks all types of product and sorts the bad products among the good ones.

This module includes :

  • Product quality control using industrial vision in order to ensure that the packed products correspond to your specifications.
  • Rejection of contaminated or non-compliant products.
  • Metal detection (option).
  • Downgraded operation, i.e. the evacuation of the production to a manual packing station in case of a problem on downstream equipment (option).
  • Benefits
  • Technical specifications
  • Capacities
  • Construction
  • Options


  • 100% quality control of each product at high speed.
  • Very compact thanks to our 3 in 1 system: Metal check, dimensional control & emergency exit.
  • The 3D scanning technology offers better reliability and consistency (no adjustment needed and system not affected by external parasite) and guarantees a 3D view of the product with possible height control and a better accuracy.
  • 3 different versions to select the level of rejection accuracy
    • S: “Entry level”, rejection by one retracting belt possible, collateral rejection.
    • D: “Mid-level”, rejection by two retracting belts, reduced collateral rejection.
    • M: “Accurate solution”, rejection by multi retracting belts, perfect tracking and rejection selection.

Technical specifications

Controls of the products:

  • Metal detection.
  • Geometrical control such as length, width, dissymmetry, height…
  • “Aspects control” (baking, scarification) as an option.

Rejection module:

  • Set of selecting doors to reject products in different containers according to the type of defect.
  • Machine width: 860, 1000, 1200 or 1400 mm.


  • Up to 13.000 baguettes/hour.
  • Up to 26.000 half bags/hour.
  • Up to 100.000 small products/hour.


  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Servo driven retracting belts.
  • Vision dome with camera(s) and laser source(s).
  • Argo scan vision calculator.


  • Standalone version.
  • Large rejection bin.
  • Marks & Spencer version.
  • Automatic sample collection.
  • "Aspects" control (baking, scarification).
  • Price depreciation for “a machine without Vision”.
  • Price depreciation for “a machine without MD”.