Vision Counting System ArgoCount-31


Dedicated to the bakery industry

The patented PATTYN BAKERY DIVISION Argo Count system is used to count bakery or pastry products and constitute batches by predefined quantity.

Easy to use, highly flexible and enables to count all types of product thanks to the expert vision system dedicated to processing industrial bakery or pastry product images.

The counting system includes an easy to clean conveyor belt, a finger barrier (or comb) used to create batches and a vision calculator used to analyse the images taken by the camera.

  • Benefits
  • Technical specifications
  • Capacities
  • Construction
  • Options


Counts and respects all your products

  • No limits: counts all types of products.
  • No drops, no vibrations: takes care of your products thanks to our gentle product processing.
  • Reduced maintenance: simple mechanical construction & maintenance free vision system.
  • The 3D scanning technology offers better reliability and consistency (no adjustment needed and system not affected by external parasite) and guarantees a 3D view of the product and a better accuracy.
  • 3 different versions:
    • S: Single channel machine.
    • D: Double channel machine:
    1. to handle two different productions.
    2. to combine two packaging machines (VFFS, MEC …)
    3. to increase batching capacity combining two channels into one packaging machine.
    • T: Tripple channel machine to handle high speed productions and distribute the flow to several packaging machines.

Technical specifications

  • 3D scanning vision technology.
  • Machine width: 860, 1000, 1200 or 1400 mm.


  • Up to 200.000 small products/hour.
  • Up to 13.000 baguettes/hour.
  • Up to 30 batches/min.
  • Up to 98% of correct batches.
  • Up to 20% product size variation acceptable.


  • Stainless steel construction.
  • PU conveyor belt.
  • Vision dome with camera and laser sources.
  • Argoscan vision calculator.
  • Export counting statistics files


  • Basic quality control on products and data storage, there will be no rejection of bad products.
  • Increased or reduced height of the finger combs.
  • Multi-door batching system for higher capacity.