Case filling station MEC 31

MEC 31

Dedicated to the bakery industry

Combining our know-how and experience we developed an innovative box filling station to pack “baguette” style products (white or artisan). The machine runs at high speed and guarantees a perfect organisation of the products into boxes.

  • Benefits
  • Technical specifications
  • Capacities
  • Construction
  • Options


Easy to use and maintain

  • Open frame with wide access doors.
  • Automatic unlockable top hoppers brought to operator level for a safe and comfortable use.
  • Easy cleaning with tool-free removable section doors.

Efficiency and high capacity for any kind of product

  • Trouble free case packing even with poor quality boxes.
  • Double machine possible to double the packing capacity.

Technical specifications

  • Servo driven hoppers.
  • Servo driven box positioning.
  • Transversal conveyor belts with tool-free removal.                                                                      


  • Up to 9.000 baguettes/hour
  • 8 batches/min
  • Up to 18.000 baguettes & 16 batches/min with double system
  • Up to 60.000 small products/hour
  • 8 batches/min
  • Double system available

Additional type of packing (with selected options)

  • Up to 13.000 half-baguettes/hour
  • 6 batches/min
  • Double machine available
  • Up to 13.000 products/hour
  • 8 batches/min
  • Double machine available


  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Transversal conveyor with endless belt.
  • Open frame.


  • Automatic adjustment of the box conveyor.
  • Motorized Webcam.
  • Side by side organisation.
  • Crosswise organisation.