Quality control, product counter & batch creator CQC (dedicated to the bakery industry)

Quality control, product counter & batch creator CQC (dedicated to the bakery industry)

Dedicated to the bakery industry

Developed by Pattyn Bakery Division, this economic solution for production lines dedicated to long products (baguettes, barras or subway sticks for example) makes very high production capacity possible.

The CQC module integrates 3 functions:

  • Quality control using 3D vision of the products and individual rejection of defective products.
  • Product counting.
  • Batch creation.

Two versions of the CQC are available:

  • Prebaked products.
  • Raw products.
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Combines quality control and counting

  • The 3D vision system will check length, width and height but also count the products taking into account the rejected ones.

Rejects all non-compliant products

  • All products outside your specifications are rejected.

Low space occupation

  • 3 functions in a very compact machine.

Technical specifications

  • 3D scan technique to count and control all types of long product.
  • Servo driven batching doors.
  • Servo driven rejection doors.
  • Synchronisation possible with one or two MEC or specific bagging machine.


  • Up to 12.000 baguettes/hour or 40.000 Subway sticks/hour.
  • Up to 20 batches/min.


  • Stainless steel frame.
  • 1 fractioned flight conveyor in modular belt.
  • 1 retention door for batch creation on each product row.
  • 1 "non-compliant" product ejection system and/or ejection line with electrically powered actuator.
  • 1 Vision system (analyser, calculator, and camera) which is used to control the quality of each product, manage product ejection, count the products and creates batches.


  • Machine designed to handle 1, 2, 3 or 4 rows of products.