Combined Case erector – Bagmaker inserter CEFLEX-21

The easy to use hot melt case erector with bag inserter Ceflex-21 forms perfectly squared cases and automatically inserts made-to-measure poly bags into boxes.

By using hot melt to close the bottom flaps, the machine enables a continuous production, low running cost, and stable case transport. The bag inserter module starts from a parent film roll, providing you with the best price per bag. Be convinced.

Combine the CEFLEX-21 with a Pattyn weigh fillerbag closer and case closer to profit from a fully automated bulk packaging line.

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Minimize your bag cost

  • You save up to 30% with made-to-measure bags from a reel.
  • Less film used thanks to the perfectly controlled bag insertion.
  • Polyethylene film starting from 10 µm.

Combine case erecting & bag making-inserting

  • One single operating touch panel.
  • Compact footprint, total width below 1.8 m.
  • Very easy and quick changeover to a different case format.

Technical specifications

Perfectly controlled case erecting

  • Unique and failsafe blank separator separates each blank individually from the magazine.
  • Two opposing vacuum cups for optimal blank opening.
  • Less demanding on the case quality because the case is clamped at three sides during case flap folding.

Guaranteed closed bottom

  • Downwards spraying of the nozzles, eliminates the risk of clogging.
  • The upper and lower mechanical plunger bonds the case flaps firmly.

Bag making & failsafe bag opening

  • Converting rolls of PE film into made-to-measure bags.
  • Use of mechanical grippers instead of delicate vacuum cups for failsafe bag opening.

Perfectly controlled bag insertion

  • Case flap holders for perfect case flap positioning.
  • Spoons with integrated airnozzle for gentle film cuffing.



Case dimensions (outside dimensions in mm)

  • Min. L.300 x W.200 x H.150 // D.250
  • Max. L.730 x W.500 x H.400 // D.650
  • Min. 500 (A) x 350 (B)
  • Max. 1100 (A) x 900 (B)

For other dimensions, please contact us.

Film specifications

  • Tubular polyethylene film with gussets (side folds)
  • Film thickness: as from 10 µm


  • Longer carton magazine: 2 m.
  • Carton magazine nearly finished detection.
  • Advanced stainless steel.
  • Film roll trolley.
  • Thermo transfer printer for real time printing on bags to identify and trace your product.
  • Cross seal unit to provide leakproof block bottom bags.
  • Air plunger for improved bag positioning.
  • Access point for remote support.

For other options, please contact Pattyn.