Combined Case erector - Bag inserter CEFLEX-31

The CEFLEX-31: only one machine for case erecting AND bag inserting. Available in tape or hot melt execution.

This combined machine has a compact footprint and runs with made-to-measure bags or pre-made bags from a 12 kg reel or with made-to-measure bags from a 60 kg reel.

Combine the CEFLEX-31 with a Pattyn weigh filler, bag closer and case closer to profit from a fully automated bulk packaging line.

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Maximize your convenience & minimize your bag cost

  • Continuous operation thanks to the fully automatic film roll exchange for 12 kg rolls (optional).
  • Save up to 30% with made-to-measure bags from a reel (12 kg or 60 kg rolls).
  • Less film used thanks to a perfectly controlled bag insertion.

Combine case erecting & bag inserting

  • One single operating touch panel.
  • Footprint tape: length 3.7 m x width 2 m.
  • Footprint hot melt: length 4.5 m x width 2 m.

Pre-made bags from a reel

  • Pre-sealed and perforated bags on a reel for optimal convenience.

Made-to-measure bags from a reel

  • Continuous tubular gusseted film on a reel.
  • Impulse sealing for a controlled and clean seal.

Technical specifications

Perfectly controlled case erecting

  • The failsafe carton separator separates each carton individually from the magazine thanks to the unique up & down separation movement.
  • Two opposing vacuum cups grip the blank at two sides for optimal carton opening.
  • Less demanding on the box quality because the box is clamped at three sides during case flap folding.
Failsafe bag opening
  • Mechanical grippers instead of delicate vacuum cups.

Perfectly controlled bag insertion

  • Case flap holders for perfect case flap positioning.
  • Innovative robust spoon & gripper design.
  • Servo driven up and down movement of the gripper frame for a steady and smooth operation.

Equipped with colour touch panel for easy operation



Case dimensions (outside dimensions in mm)

  • Min. 300 (L) x 200 (W) x 150 (H) // 250 (D)
  • Max. 610 (L) x 410 (W) // 650 (D)
  • Min. 500 (A) x 350 (B)
  • Max. 1020 (A) x 850 (B)

For other dimensions, please contact us.

Film specifications

  • Tubular film with gussets
  • Film thickness: as from 10 µm
  • Weight of film roll: 12 and 60 kg


  • Carton magazine nearly empty detection 
  • Longer carton magazine: 2 m 
  • Film roll trolley
  • Advanced stainless steel execution 
  • Access point for remote support

For other options, please contact Pattyn.