Case Erector CE-11-P

The fully automatic case erector CE-11-P guarantees perfectly squared cases, which is required to obtain a controlled and trouble-free packaging process. The box erecting machine automatically forms cardboard boxes with length up to 730 mm. Standard in hot melt execution, also available in tape. By using hot melt to close the bottom flaps, the carton erector enables a continuous production, low running cost and a stable case transport. With easy format changeover and features to accommodate poor corrugated cartons, this case erector is a solid addition to your packaging line.

Combine the CE-11-P case erector with a Pattyn bag inserter, weigh filler, bag closer and case closer to profit from a fully automated packaging line.

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Designed to be better

  • No more crushed cardboard boxes thanks to the perfectly controlled case erecting.
  • Guaranteed case squareness results in a trouble-free packaging process.
  • Only 5 adjustments to change to a different case format.

Minimize your running cost

  • Trouble-free case erecting even with thin cartons.
  • Lower running cost and continuous production with hot melt.

Technical specifications

 Perfectly controlled case erecting

  • The unique and failsafe blank separator separates each blank individually from the magazine thanks to the unique up & down separation movement.
  • Two opposing vacuum cups grip the blank at two sides for optimal blank opening.
  • Less demanding on the case quality because the case is clamped at three sides during case flap folding.

Perfectly squared case

  • The synchronised chain guiding system ensures a perfectly squared case.

Guaranteed closed bottom

  • Downwards spraying of the nozzles eliminates the risk of clogging.
  • The upper and lower mechanical plunger bonds the case flaps firmly.


  • Hot melt: standard up to 16 c/min.
  • Tape: standard up to 12 c/min, upgradeable to 16 c/min.


Case dimensions (outside dimensions in mm)

  • Min. L.300 x W.200 x H.150 // D.250
  • Max. L.730 x W.500 x H.400 // D.650
  • Min. 500 (A) x 350 (B)
  • Max. 1100 (A) x 900 (B)
  • Length - height relation: D/L < 1,3


  • Longer carton magazine: 2 m.
  • Advanced stainless steel execution.
  • Ergonomic tape exchange with second taping head.
  • Access point for remote support.
  • 3" tape

For other options, please contact Pattyn.