Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine VFFS for bakery products

Dedicated to the bakery industry

In collaboration with a well-known German constructor, Pattyn Bakery Division offers a bakery dedicated VFFS machine with characteristics and performances corresponding to the market needs.

  • Benefits
  • Technical specifications
  • Capacities
  • Construction
  • Options


  • High reliability.
  • High flexibility: almost all bag sizes with one machine and a unique width capacity up to 470 mm.
  • High speed also in big bags.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Inclined machine.
  • Stainless steel as a standard.

Technical specifications

  • Bag type: pillow bag, gusseted bag, block bottom bag.
  • Eco or servo version available.
  • Continuous heat seal technology.
  • No pneumatic movement, only motorised.
  • Automatic film centring device.


  • Up to 45 bags/min.
  • Up to 30 bags/min (with inclined machine option).
  • Bag width from 100 mm to 470 mm.
  • Bag length from 200 mm to 600 mm.


  • Stainless steel frame.
  • PLC-control with touch screen (10”).
  • Motor driven unreeling of the film roll.
  • Main drive with servo-motor.
  • Photocell for print-mark registration.
  • Encoder for perfect bag length control.
  • Film splicing table for quick roll changeover.


  • Inclined machine (40/45°).
  • Extension of film reel carrier and second shaft for easier roll change.
  • End of film alert.
  • Thermotransfer printer.
  • Sensitive overload protection on cross jaws.
  • Bag perforation unit.
  • Vacuum belts.
  • 960 mm width film for 470 mm width bag.
  • Sealing bar on splicing table.
  • Air expeller.
  • Consumer bag in laminated film with 13.5 mm wide sealing.
  • Bag with handle.
  • Extra forming tube.