Odyssey Case packer for bakery products

Dedicated to the bakery industry

The Odyssey packer makes it possible to drop bags from a bagging machine into a box or cardboard tray.

This solution was developed for the needs of the industrial bakery and pastry sector. The Odyssey is a reliable and robust machine capable of reaching high cadences.

The system offers a unique dropping height adjustment to fit to the box height and minimize the drops of the bags.

The system proposes several modules to handle the bags.

  • Benefits
  • Technical specifications
  • Capacities
  • Construction
  • Options


Protect your product

  • Optimize the dropping height to each container.
  • Automatic adjustment.

Increase your productivity

  • High capacity with a compact design.
  • Only two adjustments to change to a different format.

The best payback on the market

  • One machine to replace several operators.

Technical specifications

Layer conformation device before case packing with

  • Spreading module.
  • Rotation module.
  • Shifting module.
  • Accumulation module.

Dropping module with

  • Servo driven bomb doors.
  • Motorised height adjustment.

Case footprint from 400x300 to 600x400

Layer conformation device before case packing


  • Up to 40 drops/min.
  • Up to 45 bags/min.
  • Up to 20 boxes/min.
  • Odyssey-11: Basic configuration + rotation
  • Odyssey-12: Basic configuration = spreading + accumulation + dropping
  • Odyssey-13: Basic configuration + rotation + lateral shifting
  • Combined rotation and shifting are possible under request.


  • Stainless steel construction.
  • PU conveyor belts.


  • The bag rotation module.
  • The bag shifting module.