Poly bag inserter ZIM-11

From a roll of polyethylene film, the compact ZIM-11 automatically inserts bags into boxes, crates or trays.

The bag inserter runs with made-to-measure bags or pre-made bags from a reel and is available in mono and multi box footprint.

Standard equipped with

  • Colour touch panel for easy operation.
  • Infeed conveyor with integrated box centering device and separator.
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Case lining convenience

  • Continuous production thanks to the automatic film roll exchange.
  • Super compact: only 1,2 x 1 m floor space needed.

Your intelligent bag inserter

  • Up to 8 c/min.
  • Integrated automatic bag detection.
  • Elimination of operator errors thanks to fully automatic format change.
  • Quick and ergonomic film roll loading.

Technical specifications

Made-to-measure bags or pre-made bags from a reel

Failsafe bag opening

  • Mechanical grippers instead of delicate vacuum cups.

Perfectly controlled bag insertion

  • Case flap holders for perfect case flap positioning.
  • Spoons with integrated bag detection system.
  • Smart box lift for vertical box positioning.

Use of stepper motor technology

  • Self-resolving.


  • ZIM with made-to-measure bags: Up to 8 c/min.
  • ZIM with pre-made bags: Up to 6 c/min.



Container specifications (outside dimensions in mm)

Mono or multi footprint (L x W) /variable heights

  • Min. L.300 x W.200 // D.200
  • Max. L.605 x W.405 // D.600

Film specifications

  • Tubular polyethylene film with gussets (side folds)
  • Film thickness: as from 15 µm


  • Automatic film roll exchange
  • Advanced stainless steel execution
  • Multi colour warning light
  • Air plunger for improved bag positioning
  • Modifications to the box lift to run crates with open bottom
  • Access point for remote support

For other options, please contact Pattyn.