Decuffer Tie-Wrapper DTW-21-HE

The DTW-21-HE automatically decuffs the bag, folds it into gusset and tie-wraps the bag. The tie-wrapper runs a mono footprint with mono height. 

Combine the high end bag closing machine with a Pattyn case erectorbag inserterfiller and case closer to profit from a fully automated bulk packaging line.

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Protect your product

  • The tie-wrapper guarantees a tight tamper evident bag closing without sealing. 
  • After removing the tie-wrap, the bag remains intact which makes it possible to reclose the bag.
  • Minimal moving parts above the filled case.

Easy to use, easy to clean

  • High end bag closing solution with easy accessibility for cleaning. 
  • Optional dust extraction as required in the powder industry.

Technical specifications

A perfectly tie-wrapped bag

  • 4 vacuum decuffer hooks lift the bag on the four corners of the box enabling a full and controlled decuffing.
  • Pneumatic driven regusset system with integrated film detection folds the bag into gusset.
  • Use of V-shaped clamps to position the film.
  • The bag is perfectly closed with a tie-wrap.
Integrated tie-wrap system
  • Straps and closures are each supplied on continuous reels, offering a waste-free and optimized material utilization.
  • Tension of the tie-wrap is adjustable.
Tamper evident bag closing
  • Tamper evident bag closing without heat sealing.
  • The bag is reclosable after opening.
Equipped with colour touch panel for easy operation


  • Up to 4 c/min



Container specifications (outside dimensions in mm)

Mono footprint (LxW) / mono height

  • Min. L.330 x W.250 x H.300
  • Max. L.500 x W.400 // D.480

For other dimensions, please contact us.

Film specifications

  • PE based film
  • Film thickness: as from 15 µm to 70 µm


  • Dust extraction
  • Access point for remote support