Three trends in bulk packaging

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Our business is changing fast. Customers not only demand efficient, low cost packaging for their industrial products, but they also have their own specific demands. We examine three trends we offer a suitable solution for.

Pattyn closely monitors developments in the industry. We take part in trade shows to find out the needs and concerns of our customers. Over the past year we have attended many of them located all over the world. This is the ideal way to meet customers and show them how we integrate current trends into our packaging solutions.

1. Longer product shelf life with vacuum and gas flushing technology
Apart from optimal bag sealing, customers are also looking to extend the shelf life of their products. This can be achieved by extracting the air in the bag and by adding a special mixture of gases that protects the product (gas flushing).

Specially designed for this process, the DS-21-HE high-end bag sealer has all the features needed to fulfil the special customer demands (vacuumizing, gas flushing and sealing). As a result, the product not only remains fresh longer, it also benefits from complete protection.

In addition to the technology, Pattyn also has the experience & know-how with different types of PE film. Our machines handle both multilayer film (with light and air barrier) and aluminium laminated film to pack dried fruit, nuts, lettuce leaves and more.

2. Hygienic design and food safety 
A machine or packaging line needs to function properly at all times, but it also has to fulfil strict hygiene requirements. From the initial design phase we make sure that our machines are easy to clean. Customers increasingly opt for stainless steel executed machines. 

To remain compliant with all food safety regulations, we minimise moving parts above the product to make sure that nothing can fall onto the product or box.   

3. Optimal convenience and ergonomics for operators
Customers prefer packaging systems that are easy to operate. Our machines are designed to offer maximum user convenience and ergonomics. The compact ZIM-11 bag inserting machine and Ceflex-31 combined box erector/bag inserting machine are two fine examples. The weight of the film roll is limited to 12kg, so operators don’t need to do any heavy lifting and can easily load a new one. A special system has been developed to allow loading of two film rolls at the same time. This enables a fully automated exchange ensuring a continuous process.

Come and see for yourself
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