• Three trends in bulk packaging


    Our business is changing fast. Customers not only demand efficient, low cost packaging for their industrial products, but they also have their own specific demands. We examine three trends we offer a suitable solution for.

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  • ‘Summer of 52’ Party


    On 1 June we celebrated the opening of our new offices in Bruges and honored Paul Pattyn for the fantastic work he delivered during the past 40 years.

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  • Nomination certificate “Trends Gazelles 2018"

    Nomination certificate “Trends Gazelles 2018”


    For 16 years now, the editorial team of Trends selects 200 "Trends Gazelles" in every Belgian province.

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  • Photo Pattyn 360 customer service tool

    Pattyn 360: Online service tool


    Pattyn 360, a new customer service tool for 24/7 knowledge sharing that will make your live easier.

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  • Photo Argo Data at La Lorraine

    Argo Data: Easily manage your production data


    Argo Data: a data collection and communication solution to boost production efficiency.

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  • Photo handshake Stan Pattyn, Lynn Pattyn and Jan Pauwels

    Pattyn acquires M-Design Production (now PMC)


    M-Design Production, supplier of sheet metal work and welded constructions, is now part of the Pattyn Group.

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