Protect your product in a sealed bag

  • Automatically lines low containers and ensures perfectly closed bags.
  • Hygienic design: hose down.
  • Guaranteed lowest consumable cost using bags from a reel from 15 µm.

Combine bag inserting & sealing

  • 3 units in one machine for easy operation.
  • Compact footprint.
  • Inserting bags perfectly up to 8 c/min
  • Continuous production thanks to the automatic film roll exchange.

Product description

Combined bag inserter, hopper, bag sealer Ultim-21-S

The Ultim-21-S combines 3 units in only one machine: a bag inserting unit, product receiving unit with integrated hopper and bag sealing unit.

This monobloc tray lining machine offers the most suitable solution to pack semi-liquid products (such as melted cheese) and bulk solids (such as fish, meat, fruit, vegetables …) into low trays or plastic crates. The products need to be dropped automatically at one filling position. 

The bag is regusseted and top sealed after filling to ensure 100% product protection. 

The Ultim-21-S runs up to 8 c/min.


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Discover the benefits and technical specifications
of the ULTIM-21-S in one handy datasheet.


Mono footprint (L x W) / variable height

Min. L.400 x W.300 // D.80
Max. L.600 x W.400 // D.250

Dimensions Ultim-21-s

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