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A new customer service tool that will make your live easier 

Pattyn strongly believes in sharing knowledge with its customers. Therefore we recently developed a new service tool, “Pattyn 360”, which will enable customers to find accurate answers quickly and easily.

​​​​​​​24/7 knowledge sharing Anytime Anywhere

Pattyn 360 is an online knowledge database based on real-life experiences of Pattyn Service Engineers and input from our customers. Pattyn 360, available 24/7 from your desktop or mobile phone, combines all information about your Pattyn equipment in one tool:

  • My machines (installed base)
  • Webshop (3D spare manuals)
  • Support (how to, FAQ and troubleshoot)
  • Reports (all reports of service visits and helpdesk calls)


Pattyn 360