Modern Bakery Moscow 2020

Dienstag, Juni 30, 2020 - Freitag, Juli 3, 2020

Pav 2.2 22A20

Find out how our packaging solutions will make your business grow

  • Looking for an efficient solution to pack your bakery and pastry products?
  • To count, control, fill and pack your products automatically into boxes?
  • At the highest production speed available?

Pattyn offers fully automated lines using 3D vision and robotics for the packaging of all your raw, par baked, baked or frozen industrial bread products, offering a high level of automation, efficiency, ergonomics and reliability.

During the Modern Bakery we will guide you to choose the best possible technology for your operations. 

30 June to 3 July 2020
Moscow, Russia

We look forward to welcoming you and to sharing our knowledge with you.

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