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Pattyn Packing Lines

Pattyn Packing Lines, specialist in box lining solutions, designs and manufactures packaging machines and fully automated lines for the food related and non food packaging industry.

Pattyn responds continuously to the market demands. For every need we offer the right solution to pack and weigh fill your semi-liquid or bulk products into lined containers.

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Pattyn Bakery Division

Pattyn Bakery Division is the reference in the world of industrial bread and pastry packaging. The company designs and manufactures automated lines using 3D vision and robotics for the packaging of all your raw, parbaked, baked or frozen industrial bakery and pastry products.

You benefit from complete solutions to count, weigh, organise, control, fill and pack your bread or pastry products into (lined) boxes.

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  • Luxembourg, Scandinavia and Greece
    Arnaud Michaud
  • France, Belgium and Italy
    Philippe Vallouy
  • North America
    Bert Vanmiddelem
  • Switzerland, Russia, CIS countries, Finland, China, Japan, Australia and New-Zealand
    Jérôme Chanchus
  • Spain, Portugal and South America
    Enrique Carrera
  • Eastern Europe, Turkey, Middle East, Asia (except for China and Japan), Africa and Israel
    Fabien Renault
  • United Kingdom and Netherlands
    John de Vor

Pattyn North America

The sales & service office Pattyn North America further enhances Pattyn’s ability to support you in North America.

The office, located in Hartland and managed by Ruben Nielsen & Dustin Konruff, offers a showroom facility to perform equipment Factory Acceptance Tests, operator training and equipment demonstrations.

Contact Pattyn North America for all your packaging projects in North America.

Pattyn South America

The Sales & Service office Pattyn South America further enhances Pattyn’s ability to support you in South America.

The office, located in Argentina is managed by Claudio Mendez. Daniel Pöltl, the new Sales Executive, will be your single point of contact for all your industrial bulk solid packaging projects.

Contact Pattyn South America for all your bulk solid packaging projects in South America.

Pattyn Deutschland

The Sales & Service office Pattyn Deutschland further enhances Pattyn’s ability to be closer to the German customers.

The office, located in Nordhorn is managed by Peter Heilen. Together with Manfred Bauer, the new Sales Manager, Peter Heilen will support you in optimizing your packaging process.

Contact Pattyn Deutschland for all your packaging projects in Germany.

Pattyn Pacific

The Sales & Service office Pattyn Pacific is our latest addition to the Pattyn Group and will support you in Australia and New Zealand.

The office, located in Melbourne is managed by Farzad Tarash.

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Pattyn Metal Construction

Pattyn Metal Construction (PMC) is specialised in manufacturing tailor made sheet metal work and welded constructions. The company has been a supplier of Pattyn Packing Lines for 23 years and is now part of the Pattyn Group. Using high-tech software and machines in combination with experienced employees PMC achieves to deliver sustainable products.

Thanks to the Quick Response Manufacturing approach, PMC is able to supply small series of welded and finished machine components on short notice and in a flexible way.

For Pattyn Packing Lines, which requires just-in-time delivery of small series of sheet metal work, this offers a great added-value and allows to assemble the packaging machines more quickly and efficiently.

GMP - Pattyn Film Division

GMP is a film extrusion company, specialized in the production of high and low density polyethylene film, bags and lamination of special complex film.

Bringing together the knowledge and experience, GMP offers market-based & tailor-made proposals for standard and special film.