We think inside the box

3 generations

Passion for innovation and technology

Already for 3 generations we share our passion for innovation & technology. Developing responsive automated packaging systems to pack, weigh fill or count products for industrial use is our core business and it’s implemented through our unique approach and services.

Specifically for the bread & pastry industry we developed our own innovative and patented 3D vision counting system as well as a unique and patented robotised technology to pick up artisan bread and fragile pastry products.​

We think inside the box

With our continuous commitment to innovation and by investing in the development of new packaging concepts, we have established a strong reputation as trendsetter, maintaining a market leading position. It's a process driven by your current and future needs.

By β€œthinking inside the box” of our expertise we are able to innovate better, faster and more efficiently. This approach demonstrates how we are focused to optimize your packaging process.