Poly bag inserter

Maximize your efficiency

Pattyn Packing Lines developed the first bagmaker inserter, converting rolls of polyethylene film into made-to-measure bags, in 1976. Our range of poly bag inserters provide perfectly inserted bags into boxes or other containers. Starting from a parent film roll you obtain the best price per bag.

If you require a compact and easy-to-use bag inserter or a high performance bag inserting machine handling many different containers, we have the appropriate solution for you. For the automatic bag insertion into tobacco boxes, pallet containers, octabins or drums up to 1 ton, we offer you a unique XL bag inserter.

According to your requirements we integrate the poly bag inserter in your existing line or in a complete automated Pattyn packaging line, run by only one operator.


  • Poly bag inserter

    The super compact poly bag inserter ZIM-11 provides perfectly inserted bags into cases or crates and offers maximum operator convenience. Speed up to 8 c / min.

  • Poly bag inserter

    The high performance poly bag inserter Flexim-31 with fully automatic format change provides perfectly inserted bags into cases or other containers at low running cost. Speed up to 20 c / min.

  • XL Poly bag inserter

    The poly bagmaker inserter MAXIM-21-XL is a perfect solution for ergonomic bag making and inserting into pallet containers. Speed up to 4 c / min.